Is Apricot Kernel Oil Any Good for Skin?

I love using apricot kernel oil. It’s quite light and doesn’t leave my skin feeling ikky or greasy. It works great in my massage blends to thin out avocado oil and wheat germ oil.
apricot kernel oil

Apricot Kernel Oil Properties

Botanical name: Prunus armeniaca

Color: It ranges from yellow to almost golden.

Smell: It’s super mild, maybe a little nutty.

Texture: It’s light and absorbs fast; even faster than jojoba and argan oil. But it can be a little drying, so if you have oily skin, get yourself this oil.

Comedogenic rating: Two! Out of five. So it is not likely to cause breakouts; but you should still patch test.

Compounds: The main fatty acids in the oil include oleic acid (60%) and linoleic acid (<30%). It also contains gamma-tocopherol, sterols like campesterol and beta-sitosterol, and squalene.

I should mention here… apricot kernel oil does not have amygdalin or Vitamin B17. It’s a myth!

Apricot Kernel Oil Benefits

I could only find one study that look at apricot kernel oil benefits for skin.
It’s a 2014 study and it showed the oil had poor anti-inflammatory benefits.

Well that sucks!

For me, I find the oil is light and moisturizing. And my skin always feels smooth and soft after using the oil. That’s why I use it.
Apricot kernel oil benefits for skin

Get apricot kernel oil

You can find the oil in Trader Joe’s, Walmart and all the big-box stores. You can also get it on Amazon – try any of these:

NOW Solutions Apricot Kernel Oil Edens Garden Apricot Kernel Oil Plant Therapy Apricot Kernel Carrier Oil

The oil has a short shelf-life; maybe six months to a year. So don’t overstock it and keep it in cool, dark conditions.

Apricot Oil Uses

Be sure to patch test before integrating the oil into your routine.

Oil cleansing

The lightness of this oil makes it great for oil cleansing. Simply add a few drops of oil to your fingertips and massage your face for a minute or two. Then wipe the day’s dirt away and off your face.

Remove makeup

You can add a few drops of apricot kernel oil to a cotton ball, pad or wipe and gently remove your makeup. The oil works really well to remove eye makeup and mascara.

Massage blends

This is my favorite use. The oil is light and absorbs so fast. It’s just perfect for massaging. But if it’s too drying, try adding a thicker oil like coconut oil or wheat germ oil. And add in some of your favorite essential oils too. I use tea tree oil and sometimes lavender in mine.


This oil works really well in foot scrubs and body scrubs. Add one part apricot kernel oil to five parts of coarse sugar. That’s all you need. You can add some essential oils too.
There are many other uses of apricot kernel oil. Leave a comment and let me know how you use yours.

  1. I had no idea apricot oil had so many benefits, particularly that it could be used to help remove makeup. I’ll give it a go sometime soon, for sure! x

  2. This was very informative. I have never used or heard of apricot kernel oil. Since I have oily skin and it is a bit drying this may be a good alternative for a face oil.

  3. I love using oils on my skin but I have never tried the apricot one! I need to give it a go xx

    Much Love,
    Elegant Duchess xx

  4. This is a great post, so informative! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I haven’t used apricot oil. I use lots of coconut oil.
    Would love to try it out!

  6. oooh I need to give apricot kernel oil a try! I bet it smells so good too mind you!


  7. I think the only product I’ve used with these ingredients was the St. Ives scrub, which used to give me such great results! Thanks for sharing great info, as always. I hope you have a great week!



  8. Very good and informational article! ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭*

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