Black Pepper Essential Oil

Black pepper is a common seasoning with tremendous benefits. So it’s no surprise that black pepper essential oil has similar benefits.

Let’s learn more about this essential oil.

black pepper essential oil

Properties of Black Pepper Essential Oil


The botanical name of black pepper is Piper nigrum. So look for this name when buying the essential oil.

Color & Scent

Black pepper essential oil may range from colorless to a greenish color. And, well, it’s black pepper so the oil has a sharp, spicy, peppery smell.

What’s in the oil?

Over 54 compounds have been identified in black pepper oil.

The most noteworthy ones include beta-caryophyllene (which makes up 22% of the oil), limonene (20%), alpha-pinene (15%), beta-pinene (13%), delta-3-carene (12%), beta-myrcene, and sabinene.

Black Pepper Essential Oil Benefits

The compounds in this oil are extremely beneficial. Here are just a few black pepper essential oil benefits:

  • reduces nicotine cravings
  • improves alertness and focus
  • neutralizes free radicals
  • improves appetite
  • kills microbes
  • repels and kills insects


Black pepper oil can help smokers quit

quit smoking

Two studies suggest black pepper can reduce withdrawals from smoking and cravings for nicotine.

In a 1994 study, cigarette smokers were asked to puff on devices that contained the vapor of black pepper essential oil.

The smokers said they felt a significant reduction in cigarette cravings and anxiety and an increase in chest sensations. The study therefore recommended black pepper oil to help smokers quit.

Another study (from 2013) asked regular nicotine users to inhale a drop of black pepper or angelica essential oil for two minutes whenever they began craving nicotine. For both oils, the participants reported reduced cravings and a longer delay time before their next tobacco use.

So consider inhaling black pepper essential oil instead of smoking! It may help you to quit once and for all.

Black pepper oil makes you alert

A 2002 study measured the sympathetic activity of young, healthy women after inhaling black pepper oil. Now, you may know, your sympathetic activity is responsible for your fight or flight response. So, after breathing in black pepper, the women were more alert and actually had more adrenaline in their blood.

The researchers went on to identify limonene and pinene as the compounds responsible for this benefit of black pepper essential oil.

So use black pepper oil to boost your alertness, focus, and concentration.

It is antioxidant

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Free radicals are harmful compounds that can damage your skin and the DNA of your cells. That means they can cause sagging, wrinkles and even cancer!

Antioxidants scavenge or neutralize free radicals and convert them into less harmful compounds. And black pepper essential oil has antioxidant effects. In fact, a 2009 study showed black pepper oil had relatively strong antioxidant and free radical scavenging capabilities.

It may stimulate appetite

A 2006 study showed that inhaling black pepper essential oil caused stroke patients to swallow more often. This reflex swallowing did not depend on the level of consciousness, physical or mental status of the patients involved.

As such, many researchers believe black pepper essential oil does have a stimulating effect on swallowing which can translate to increased appetite.

Black pepper is antibacterial

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A 2000 study tested six essential oils including black pepper, oregano and thyme on 25 different bacteria. These bacteria included animal and plant pathogens, food poisoning and food spoilage bacteria.

The results showed all essential oils inhibited every bacteria tested.

It is antifungal

Not only is black pepper essential oil antibacterial, it is also antifungal. And a 2004 study proved these effects.

Black pepper kills insects

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There are several studies demonstrating black pepper’s effectiveness against insects. One study done in 2007 showed that just a little black pepper oil (0.2% concentration) was sufficient to repel red flour beetles.

The study went on to prove vapors of black pepper essential oil were able to kill the larvae and adult beetles and inhibit development.

Summary: Here’s a little summary of the black pepper essential oil benefits we’ve seen:

black pepper essential oil benefits

Black Pepper Essential Oil Uses

Aren’t the black pepper essential oil benefits amazing? Now here are some uses for black essential oil.

You can simply add 1-2 drops of black pepper oil to your diffuser for a strong spicy smell.

It also blends well with other strong spicy oils like bergamot, clary sage, clove, ginger, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

Besides these, you can follow the experiment for nicotine withdrawals. Add 1-2 drops of black pepper oil to a tissue and inhale for two minutes whenever you feel nicotine cravings.

Like all essential oils, always do a skin patch test to make sure you are not allergic to black pepper essential oil. Black pepper oil can cause irritation to sensitive skin so this patch test is extremely important.

If you are not allergic or sensitive, add 1-2 drops of the oil to any carrier oil before using on your skin.

More Precautions
This oil is a known skin sensitizer so it is important to check with your doctor before using it especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Where to buy black pepper essential oil

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