Coriander Essential Oil

Have you used coriander before? It really is a great spice with some exceptional health benefits. So naturally, I would think coriander essential oil has some great benefits too. Well, there’s only one way to find out.

Coriander essential oil

Properties of Coriander Essential Oil


The botanical name for coriander is Coriandrum sativum. That is pretty straight forward right? So check for this name when buying the essential oil.

Color & Smell of coriander essential oil

Coriander essential oil is virtually colorless, although you may find very slight yellow hues in the oil. And the smell? Well, think of a spicy, woody, peppery and a little fruity smell. Or just think of coriander seeds!

What’s in the oil?

The main compound in coriander essential oil is linalool. It can range anywhere from 50-80% of the oil.

Other notable chemicals in this oil include geranyl acetate, beta-caryophyllene, camphor, p-cymene and gamma-terpinene.

Benefits of Coriander Essential Oil

The benefits of coriander essential oil include:

  • gets rid of free radicals
  • reduces anxiety and depression
  • kills bacteria
  • kills fungi
  • repels and kills insects


It is antioxidant

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Free radicals are harmful compounds that can damage your skin cells, cause wrinkles and even result in cancer. But antioxidants can counteract free radicals and negate their harmful effects.

And guess what? This 2015 study explored the antioxidant effects of ten essential oils including bay, black pepper, coriander, cumin, ginger, and turmeric. And the results showed coriander had very strong antioxidant potential. It was also stronger when combined with cumin essential oil. Awesome!

The study went on to point out that linalool was the compound responsible for these antioxidant benefits.

It may help with anxiety and depression

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This 2014 animal study is a pretty interesting one. It investigated the effects of inhaled coriander oil on rats with Alzheimer’s disease. The results found that after inhaling the oil several times, the mice experienced a reduction in anxiety and depression. Uh huh!

Now this is an animal study, so I cannot say for certain you will have similar anti-anxiety and antidepressant effects when you inhale coriander essential oil. Nevertheless, it is still an interesting study that can lead to further research into the potential anti-anxiety benefits of coriander oil.

It is antibacterial

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I can say definitively this is a benefit of coriander essential oil. Without a doubt. And there are lots of studies that validate this.

Consider this 2016 study. It investigated the antibacterial activity of the compounds in coriander essential oil against the bacteria, Acinetobacter baumannii. Now this bacteria is a serious pathogen that can be found on hospital surfaces. And it is becoming more and more resistant to antimicrobial agents. Not good! Luckily, linalool exhibited strong antibacterial benefits against the test species at extremely low concentrations. Woohoo!

Another study (2015) showed coriander essential oil had similar results against five strains of bacteria including Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and Salmonella enterica. So, the oil is a strong antibacterial agent.

It is antifungal too

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Besides being antibacterial, coriander has antifungal benefits too. That is according to this 2011 study. The study tested the oil on Candida strains and showed it was effective even at concentrations of 0.05%.

It is definitely insecticidal

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Here is the final benefit of coriander essential oil. It has strong insecticidal, repellent and larvicidal effects. And these effects have all been well researched and documented.

For instance, this 2012 study showed coriander essential oil is very effective against the confused flour beetle (Tribolium confusum Duval) and the cow pea weevil (Callosobruchus maculatus F.). And another 2012 study found the oil was very toxic to the larvae of Aedes aegypti mosquito.

So clearly, the oil is very useful against insects.
Here is a quick look back at the benefits of coriander essential oil.
Coriander essential oil benefits

Uses of Coriander Essential Oil

The benefits of this essential oil are wonderful. Now let us take a look at some uses of coriander oil.

You have seen inhaling coriander essential oil may have anti-anxiety and antidepressant benefits. So why not add the oil to your diffuser? Coriander also blends well with other spicy, fruity oils too. So you can always blend it with black pepper, clary sage, frankincense, ginger, lemon, neroli, orange, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. You really have many choices!
You can use coriander essential oil in a massage blend too. But don’t forget to patch test the oil if it is the first time you are using the oil. Also, always remember to dilute the oil properly.
More Precautions
I really can’t stress this enough. Always check with your medical practitioner before using this or any other essential oil. It’s important to follow good essential oil safety practices!

Where to buy coriander essential oil?

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