Learn about Essential Oils from These Facebook Resources

You can learn so much about essential oils from three Facebook resources. Two are Facebook pages and one is a group. Check them out especially if you are new to essential oils.

Facebook Resources for Essential Oil Newbies

Robert Tisserand Essential Training

Robert Tisserand is an expert in all things essential oils. He is a long-time educator and advocate for the safe use of essential oils and aromatherapy.

His Facebook page reflects this. It explains safety practices and benefits of using essential oils. He also breaks down new, credible scientific studies in a way that is pretty easy to understand.

Side note: There’s a free mini-course offered on his site about How Essential Oils Work in the Body. You can check that out too.

Essential Oil University

Dr. Robert S. Pappas is another great leader in the essential oils community. He is a chemist and does an amazing job of explaining what is in an essential oil. Plus he provides detailed chemical analyses to back up his posts.

Another thing he is great at is shattering common myths about essential oils. Check out these posts in his Notes section. They are a must-read for newbies!

BTA: The Chemistry of Essential Oils

Originally called Blue Tansy Analysis, this Facebook group is one of my favorites. It is another chemistry-based resource for essential oils. There is a lot of lively discussion about test results for various essential oils. And they are very friendly to newbies.

The group’s files explain what you need to know about testing oils. They get into what should and shouldn’t be in an oil and try to identify if an oil is fake or not. The group is also very transparent about contacting companies selling fake oils. And they usually post the companies’ responses.

Whether you are a newbie or not, I highly recommend you read their compilation of 3rd Party GC/MS test results (you’ll have to scroll down to find it). It lists the essential oils and brands that have been tested and shows which passed or failed the process.

You may find a few surprises in the list. Some VERY popular brands (like Young Living) have failed testing. And a few have even admitted to unknowingly selling adulterated oils.
These are just a few amazing, authentic Facebook resources for any essential oil newbie. Do you have any other favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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